Terms of Reference

History Research Libraries Committee (HRLC) – Terms of Reference

1. Introduction

The History Research Libraries Committee was set up to provide a forum for exchange, networking and increased collaboration between libraries with history collections in the UK.

The group works together with external partners in the GLAMA sector to achieve its aims of promoting history collections and organising the annual History Day.

The committee is chaired by a nominated member of the committee, chosen by the committee’s other members.

The terms of reference are regularly reviewed by the members of the committee on an annual basis.

2. Role of the committee

The role of the History Research Libraries Committee encompasses:

  • Being a forum for exchange and providing a focal point for information professionals with responsibilities for history collections to network with their wider community
  • Facilitating increased collaboration between libraries with history collections and acting as a collective sounding board for projects being progressed by individual member organisations
  • Supporting the promotion of history collections in the UK and encouraging new and innovative ways of making them accessible
  • Supporting the organisation of the annual History Day, held by Senate House Library and the Institute of Historical Research in collaboration with the committee
  • Organising special events of interest to the community to enable the sharing of skills, knowledge and resources between members

3. Committee meetings and reporting

A nominated member of the committee, chosen by the committee’s other members, is responsible for organising and chairing committee meetings and special events held by the committee, although this may be in collaboration with other members.

The committee meets three times annually. Two of the meetings are held virtually, one is held in person, with an agenda sent out at least a week before the meeting.

Minutes of each meeting will be circulated to the members within 14 working days and made available on the JISCMail list LIS-HistoryResearchLibs.

4. Membership

Membership of the committee is open to all with an affiliation with or interest in history libraries and collections in the UK.

5. Communication channels

The committee uses the JISCMail list LIS-HistoryResearchLibs and its website as its main communication channels to keep in touch with the members and promote its role externally.

Terms of Reference approved by the Committee on 29 March 2023

Next review: 29 March 2024